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Who we are

Specialists of all digital marketing services

Our company provides the best strategies to grow your company.

Scorpius Technology is one of the best digital marketing agency in Chandigarh specializing in Lead Generation.

Unlike other Web Marketing Agencies who perform any kind of web service, Scorpius specializes in Lead Generation: This means that our goal is to create a system that can bring you every day, every week and every month contacts to potential customers for your business or organization.

We choose targets with intelligence and reach them with the budget fixed. Our digital marketing company is founded on that basis.

Whatever service you decide to undertake, we will analyze the feasibility and affordability of your initiative, and we will implement it only if it is convenient for you.

We believe that all web activities are connected together. SEO cannot exist without website, as an AdWords campaign cannot function without a perfect design of your landing page. This awareness leads us to provide a wide range of interconnected digital marketing services, and each package contains all the necessary elements to a winning campaign.

  • Transparency and data available at all times for custom interfaces.
  • Digital marketing experts, developers and graphic designers. A single contact for all your needs.
  • Each plan, design or strategy is measured, we don’t pre-packaged products.
  • Always available and accessible for all of your inquiries or instructions. Responsiveness is everything for us.

Our digital marketing experts are specialized in 360 degrees in every aspect of advertising, communications, graphic design, the web and the commercial aspects of a company. By referring to our digital marketing agency, you choose to implement real plans, whose return will be guaranteed, otherwise we’d be the first to advise against certain enterprise.

Scorpius Blog offers current updated marketing news, useful advice and case studies to maximize brand presence on Digital platforms.

Our professionalism is based on much strength that we have developed over the years:

Quality: Many years of professional experience and our unique knowledge of the language industry.

Variety: A network of professionals and natives from different technical fields.

Rapidity: Inquiries and orders are handled easily, using your preferred communication channel. Our priority service further reduces the time frame.

Flexibility: The strict observance of delivery times allow us to offer the customer the best service experience possible.

Experience: Scorpius is active in the field of digital marketing services for over 5 years: this long corporate history is our best business card.

We operate throughout the World. Our customers come from (almost!) all regions of World. Our headquarter is in Chandigarh (India).